Basic Education for underprivileged children

For a developing nation like India, educating the future is extremely important. Our future is our children. But with so much poverty and basic everyday needs even not being fulfilled, how can such children receive proper education? Therefore various NGO’s, government organizations and other non-profit organizations have come forward to provide education to under privileged children, especially in slum areas.

Organizations such as Smile foundation, Plan India, IRS set up by ICFAI Hyderabad, Teach India, Asha etc have all provided remarkable and noteworthy strategies to teach the underprivileged and needy children of India. Most of these foundations also provide the basic amenities such as food, clothing, medicines, regular health check-ups, a safe living environment etc. India may be one of the fastest growing economies of the world, but if it lacks in providing proper education and basic amenities to its millions of children it will always have a weak base.

A good and strong foundation is the prerequisite of a strong society. And this is only possible if we help educate each and every child of our country. Education is not only a fundamental right, but is also a powerful and perhaps the only means of human development.