Tips for those Looking to Make a Career in Translation

For the linguistically inclined, learning new languages is more than a hobby – it’s their passion! And, in this day and age, anyone with a zest for words can make a fruitful career out of translation and interpretation. It is a rather unconventional choice for many, but those who are good with words know the value & freedom that goes with this choice of occupation. But, bear in mind, this is not an option for just about anyone – you must be really good in the chosen foreign language to succeed in this cutthroat competitive world. Without a doubt, if you are good at languages, you are looking at a hefty pay package with a flexible life.

It is said that learners who start foreign languages at an early age are able to grasp them better and more easily than those who start later on in life. But, those who start later on do not lose much, as learning a language is dependant only on your affinity for them and the effort you put into it. Nowadays, the most popular languages to make a career include the four European ones, French, Italian, German & Spanish (FIGS), and the Asian bloc, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese & Korean. Most renowned translators & interpreters have been trained by recognized institutions and can speak at least one language from the two groups proficiently.

The career options are inter-related, yet diverse, as you can work as a translator for reading material, interpreter for foreign visitors, and can also handle international conferences. All jobs are high paying, one more than the other, depending on the competency of the individual. The translators start by converting manual from one language to the other, and become editors in different capacities for their organization in due course of time. The interpreters & conference handlers are much wanted in embassies, corporate houses as well as institutes for handling variegated situations. All jobs are offered by numerous organizations on full time, part time as well as freelance basis, with excellent salaries awarded in all of them.