Do you want to make your Career in Cinematography?

You can also sat that cinematographer is the director of photography or DP. They are the head of the whole camera department and their job is to capture the photographic impression of the vision of director. Their job includes all aspect of camera-work like camera shots, movement, angles, filters, filmstock (video, 16mm, 35mm), lighting, composition etc. He is called as the back bone of director. It means writing in light; the term cinematography is understood as the art and processes of recording visual images for the cinema and then developing those images in a laboratory. Therefore, it has as much to do with lighting and photography as it does with film.

Skills and Education:

There are a few skill sets that require becoming a true cinematographer:

Lighting- Study lighting. In every day life, see how light works to set a mood. You should understand how to work with lighting to get the most out of your shots.

Your Eye- You will need to fully envision it in your own mind first before the camera captures a shot. Now, this is one skill you need to develop.

Technology- Stay up on the new photographic technology.
No one would be able view any of the many television programs, commercials, or movies without cinematographers. If you have an interest in this exciting field, read on to learn educational requirement, job description and job outlook information.

Study the Past- Study all movies and just find out what it is about certain shots that will work for you and learn how they accomplished it.

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