Tap your artistic talents through calligraphy

Calligraphy is the visual art form that pertains to creating letters and fonts in an artistic manner. Many people have a creative bend of mind and pen it down in the forms of words, which they form in the most appealing way. But, due to lack of opportunities, they are unable to make a productive occupation out of their hobby and talent. The most common expression of calligraphy can be seen in cards for weddings and other events, where attractive letters are used to attract people.

There are only a few institutes in India which offer this course, but they are reliable, and can guide a budding calligrapher. Achyut Pallav, India’s most prolific calligrapher conducts classes in Mumbai, India, while Calligraphy India is a reputed institute with branches all over the country. Both options are good, and provide the students with excellent opportunities and guidance to harness the potential of their talent with art and words.

As a career option, calligraphy remains a peripheral one, albeit high paying, since the monetary worth is determined by innate talent in this field. There are several agencies that hire calligraphers to make designer fonts for cards and other such items. Also, talented people usually participate in competitions and hold exhibitions of their work, which gets recognized by the proper authorities. Typically, a calligrapher makes a name for himself/herself through his talent and contacts, which develop as per their interpersonal skills.