What I need to make my career in Animation?

3D animation is a combination of number of career combinations. The making of a 3D animation movie includes various steps. You can work as:

•    Layout artist
•    Modeler
•    Clean-up artist
•    Digital ink and paint artist
•    Scanner operator
•    Compositor
•    Background artist
•    Key frame animator
•    In-between animator

Every role is important for the successful creation of the Animated project.

Animation is a creative thing and one needs to have creativity while handling it. It not being a mechanical subject needs lot of passion and imaginative skills. One should have flair for sketching/drawing.

Qualifications Required:

You need to have passed 12th standard from any recognized board with minimum 45% marks for a diploma and for a bachelor degree in animation. And for postgraduate program you should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline preferably arts and should have a basic knowledge of handling computers.

Some institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Design (NID) and Industrial Design Center (IDC) have a strict eligibility criterion-only graduate of fine arts, architecture, technology and engineering can apply for this course.

Professional Courses

May degree and diploma programs are in animation and multimedia. These courses may include:

•    Stop-motion animation
•    Traditional animation
•    Rotoscoping
•    Clay-mation
•    Computer generated 3D and 2Danimation
•    Photoshop
•    Drawing
•    Human anatomy

Institutions, Colleges and Universities

•    J.J School of Arts
•    National Institute of Design (NID (www.nid.edu.com)
•    Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) (www.zica.org)
•    Arena Multimedia (www.arena-multimedia.com)
•    Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT Mumbai and Guwahati
•    Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (www.maacindia.com)
•    Academy of Digital Arts and Communication (www.killickchallenger.com)
•    RAI University (www.raiuniversity.edu)
•    TOONZ Animation India Pvt. Ltd. (www.toonzanimationindia.com)
•    ANIMASTER (www.animaster.com)


You can specialize as a 3D or 2D modeler, special Animator, FX Creator, Character Designer, Interaction Designer and Games Designer.

I hope all these informations would help you in making your career in Animation.