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Tap your artistic talents through calligraphy

Calligraphy is the visual art form that pertains to creating letters and fonts in an artistic manner. Many people have a creative bend of mind and pen it down in the forms of words, which they form in the most appealing way. But, due to lack of opportunities, they are unable to make a productive occupation out of their hobby and talent. The most common expression of calligraphy can be seen in cards for weddings and other events, where attractive letters are used to attract people.

There are only a few institutes in India which offer this course, but they are reliable, and can guide a budding calligrapher. Achyut Pallav, India’s most prolific calligrapher conducts classes in Mumbai, India, while Calligraphy India is a reputed institute with branches all over the country. Both options are good, and provide the students with excellent opportunities and guidance to harness the potential of their talent with art and words.

As a career option, calligraphy remains a peripheral one, albeit high paying, since the monetary worth is determined by innate talent in this field. There are several agencies that hire calligraphers to make designer fonts for cards and other such items. Also, talented people usually participate in competitions and hold exhibitions of their work, which gets recognized by the proper authorities. Typically, a calligrapher makes a name for himself/herself through his talent and contacts, which develop as per their interpersonal skills.

What I need to make my career in Animation?

3D animation is a combination of number of career combinations. The making of a 3D animation movie includes various steps. You can work as:

•    Layout artist
•    Modeler
•    Clean-up artist
•    Digital ink and paint artist
•    Scanner operator
•    Compositor
•    Background artist
•    Key frame animator
•    In-between animator

Every role is important for the successful creation of the Animated project.

Animation is a creative thing and one needs to have creativity while handling it. It not being a mechanical subject needs lot of passion and imaginative skills. One should have flair for sketching/drawing.

Qualifications Required:

You need to have passed 12th standard from any recognized board with minimum 45% marks for a diploma and for a bachelor degree in animation. And for postgraduate program you should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline preferably arts and should have a basic knowledge of handling computers.

Some institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Design (NID) and Industrial Design Center (IDC) have a strict eligibility criterion-only graduate of fine arts, architecture, technology and engineering can apply for this course.

Professional Courses

May degree and diploma programs are in animation and multimedia. These courses may include:

•    Stop-motion animation
•    Traditional animation
•    Rotoscoping
•    Clay-mation
•    Computer generated 3D and 2Danimation
•    Photoshop
•    Drawing
•    Human anatomy

Institutions, Colleges and Universities

•    J.J School of Arts
•    National Institute of Design (NID (www.nid.edu.com)
•    Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) (www.zica.org)
•    Arena Multimedia (www.arena-multimedia.com)
•    Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT Mumbai and Guwahati
•    Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (www.maacindia.com)
•    Academy of Digital Arts and Communication (www.killickchallenger.com)
•    RAI University (www.raiuniversity.edu)
•    TOONZ Animation India Pvt. Ltd. (www.toonzanimationindia.com)
•    ANIMASTER (www.animaster.com)


You can specialize as a 3D or 2D modeler, special Animator, FX Creator, Character Designer, Interaction Designer and Games Designer.

I hope all these informations would help you in making your career in Animation.

Do you want to make your Career in Cinematography?

You can also sat that cinematographer is the director of photography or DP. They are the head of the whole camera department and their job is to capture the photographic impression of the vision of director. Their job includes all aspect of camera-work like camera shots, movement, angles, filters, filmstock (video, 16mm, 35mm), lighting, composition etc. He is called as the back bone of director. It means writing in light; the term cinematography is understood as the art and processes of recording visual images for the cinema and then developing those images in a laboratory. Therefore, it has as much to do with lighting and photography as it does with film.

Skills and Education:

There are a few skill sets that require becoming a true cinematographer:

Lighting- Study lighting. In every day life, see how light works to set a mood. You should understand how to work with lighting to get the most out of your shots.

Your Eye- You will need to fully envision it in your own mind first before the camera captures a shot. Now, this is one skill you need to develop.

Technology- Stay up on the new photographic technology.
No one would be able view any of the many television programs, commercials, or movies without cinematographers. If you have an interest in this exciting field, read on to learn educational requirement, job description and job outlook information.

Study the Past- Study all movies and just find out what it is about certain shots that will work for you and learn how they accomplished it.

If you are interested then please ask your queries here.

Courses Offered in Sikkim Manipal University, New Delhi

The courses available in Sikkim Manipal University, New Delhi in the category of Mass Communication and Health and Medicine are given below:

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BA JM)

There is a requirement for trained media professionals. So, those candidates who aspire for a career in mass communication and journalism, this programme is for you. This programme imparts a comprehensive training.

Category: Mass Communication, Media and Films
Campus: Sikkim Manipal University
Fees: Rs 8,700 per semester
Duration: 3-6 years

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration (BSc HIA)

Health information is the fastest and latest growing field. In the use of ICD-10, this programme is designed to develop skills for classifying diseases and operative procedures for statistical and comparison

Category: Health and Medicine
Campus: Sikkim Manipal University
Fees: Rs 9,500 per semester
Duration: 3-6 years

Master of Science in Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs

Clinical research and regulatory affairs is a branch of medical science that determines the effectiveness and safety of medications, diagnostic products, devices and treatment regimens intended for human

Category: Health and Medicine
Campus: Sikkim Manipal University
Fees: Rs. 24,000 per semester

Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (MA JM)

This programme is specially for those candidates who aspire for a career in mass media and communication and imparts training in radio, print, internet, television and corporate communication.

Category: Mass Communication, Media and Films
Campus: Sikkim Manipal University
Fees: Rs 9,950 per semester
Duration: 2-4 years

I hope you deserve the positions for these courses in Sikkim Manipal University.