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The Market Potential For Managers In Power Companies

Power sector touches the lives of people living across the globe, and, thus, it becomes extremely important for this line of work to be handled by qualified managers who can take in the right direction. Even though ‘right direction’ is an ambiguous term, the potential of this field is not. Engineers stand an extremely good chance of making a fruitful career in the power management industry after gaining requisite skills and knowledge from reputed institutes of India. In India, the salary packages of freshers run into lacs per month, and for experienced individuals, there is no limit whatsoever.

In India, National Power Training Institute and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies are two of the leading institutes that conduct worthwhile courses in power management. Students who take national level management tests like CAT, MAT, and GMAT are eligible, though separate tests are also taken by the colleges. Depending upon test scores, the students are called for group discussions which are followed by interviews. The emphasis of power management programs is on running the power sector along commercial lines by equipping the students with the desired technical and managerial skills.

Enjoy various Benefits in Air Force

As we were discussing about the job in Air force in our last blog, now I am going to tell you about the various benefits of Air Force’s job.


All Air Force officers, airmen and their families have free access to hospitals and medical rooms equipped with the best of the facilities, including facilities such as Chemotherapy, Haemodialysis, Cobalt 60 Radiotherapy for cancer, Renal transplants, CT scan, Lithotripsy, etc. Air Force personnel are also authorized for the following benefits:

1)Grant for Purchase of Wheel Chair, Mechanical aids, artificial limbs and for release of clothing sets as well as pocket money for TB patients.
2)Grant and Loan for medical treatment from civil sources.
3)Grant for physically and mentally challenged children for purchase of mechanical aid.
4)Grant on Medical Grounds for reimbursement of medical bill and monthly grant for nourishment.


1)Silver Jubilee Merit Scholarship.
2)Different scholarship schemes meant for mentally and physically challenged children covering school education as well as higher and professional education.
3)Air Chief Marshal PC Lal Memorial Scholarship for physically and mentally challenged children.
4)Scholarship for children of airmen residing in AFWWA Hostel in Delhi.
5)For improvement of educational facilities for Air Force children, AFWWA provides the necessary guidelines for standardisation of unit run Air Force schools.

Post-retirement Benefits


All retired personnel of the Indian Air Force are covered under the life insurance scheme of the Life Insurance Group Society up till the age of 70 years.


All the retired officers and their dependents have access to medical rooms and hospitals equipped with the best of the facilities such as Chemotherapy, Haemodialysis, Cobalt 60 Radiotherapy for cancer, Renal transplants, CT scan, Lithotripsy, etc.  Air Force personnel is also authorized for the following benefits:

1)Coverage under medical insurance for lifetime.
2)Monthly Maintenance Grant for leprosy patients undergoing institutional treatment at various hospitals, for boarded out personnel pending award of disability pension and for permanently disabled personnel.
3)Airmen can get grants for purchase of medical aids such as hearing aids and artificial limbs.
4)Grant for Commercial Venture for personnel who have had to leave service due to medical reasons.
5)Grants to the wives of personnel who have had to leave the service due to medical reasons.
6)Reimbursement of medical bills.


1)Scholarship Grant for School or Higher Education of handicapped children.
2)Education grant for the children of airmen.

These benefits are the reasons that why no one from Air force leave his/her job at any stage from here.

Job in Air Force gives you various benefits

Working in the Air Force is about being in the middle of state-of-the-art technology, supersonic jets and best of the people. Air Force provides you with the most modern facilities and gives you an unparalleled way of life and creates the best  environment for you.

Air Force has an exciting career opportunity for you, whether you have finished your schooling or you have passed your class tenth or you are a graduate.

Air Cmde B Ray Chaudhary, Aeronautical Engineer says “Being in Air Force is about the thrill of seeing formations airborne, bonhomie with fellow colleagues and a deep sense of fulfilment at the end of the day.”

Once you become a part of the Indian Air Force family, you enjoy many benefits and facilities. From medical facilities to schools for your children, from  housing facilities to free ration, Air Force takes care of all your needs. These benefits are not only given to personnel in service but also given to the retired individuals. Some of the benefits are:

Benefits for Serving Personnel


All Air Force personnel, including Ground Duty Personnel, Air Crew and Flight Cadets, are covered for Life Insurance under the Air Force Group Insurance Scheme (AFGIS). Premium Rates are low and the Insurance Policy covers all contingencies.


As an Airman or an Air Force officer, you can avail any of the following easy loan options:

House Building Loans
Welfare loan
Loan for purchasing a car
Computer Loan
Loan for Higher Studies
Loan for repair of house and for sister’s marriage

Rest of the benefits we will discuss in our next blog. Hope you are making you mind for doing job in Air Force.

Apple posting a job at LTE for a future iPhone

Apple’s dropped the 4G bomb on its latest job posting while seeking for a “Cellular Technology Software Manager” with “expert knowledge of WCDMA/UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE etc.”

Requisition Number – 4318719
Job title – Cellular Technology Software Manager
Country – United States
State/Province – California
Location – Santa Clara Valley
City – Cupertino
Job type – Full Time

Job description

The Cellular Technology Manager will be responsible for the design, implementation and integration of layer 1-3 protocols for iPhone and will manage the cellular protocol software team. This position will be responsible for ensuring appropriate cellular technology development and execution, KPI performances and interoperability of cellular technology on many platforms, R&D of new protocol and standards and also working with cross-functional teams to deliver the best customer experience on Cellular.

The role will require the following skills:

1.Expert knowledge of one or multiple cellular technologies: HSPA, WCDMA/UMTS, HSPA+, LTE etc.
2.Understand the development cycle of phone, IOT and certification process and carrier approval process
3.Experience in building up and managing a team of highly experienced engineers
4.Experience in 3GPP/3GPP2 industry groups
5.Strong interpersonal skills (required to establish and maintain inter-departmental relationships)
6.Strong verbal and written communication skills
7.Leadership skills/mentoring skills
8.BSEE/CS or technical degree with relevant experience
9.5+ years experience in technical role, as well as management experience
If you are interested, you can take our help.